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Timing Couldn't Be Better


The timing of your book couldn't be better. As of right now, women/couples are not given the available options when they receive the horrible news about their unborn baby. As was the case with me, I was told I "must terminate."


My doctor was extremely difficult the entire time. In retrospect, I realize that I took him down a road that he would rather not have traveled down, due to his own personal biases (and I'm sure also his fear of malpractice, etc).


With all the sophisticated prenatal testing available, women need and are entitled to hear ALL of their options, not only the termination option.


And if they choose to continue the pregnancy, they should be given the appropriate referrals for support. 


(Donna, mom of Jonathan who was born with Potter's Syndrome)

Donna's son Jonathan, diagosed in uteror with Potter's Syndrome. Lived 99 minutes after birth

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