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Sidney  Faith

Parents Need to Research


I think parents need to research the after-effects of termination.


There is little statistical evidence on long term effects, but what little can be found is pretty compelling.


The key in this whole thing has been to listen to my heart, and that is something doctors do not take kindly to anymore. Intuition and inspiration are not scientifically quantifiable, so people are reluctant to trust them. Parents need to trust their own judgment even if it conflicts with medical advice. To do not just what sounds logical, but what feels most peaceful.


I wish there were easy solutions, but there are not. Even when there is just one marker of a potential genetic disorder, doctors are SO negative, and so ready to offer termination as a means to make sure there is no problem! What an illusion that is! Not only are they compounding a problem with another, but there ARE no guarantees.


Birth accidents cause cerebral palsy, babies develop respiratory distress, premature labor occurs, disease goes undetected. The only security in life is to take things as they come, and handle them as best you can. At least then you have a clear conscience and can go forward without added



(Laura, mom of Sidney who was born with a lethal form of dwarfism) 

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